The Sacred Cow Shmorgishborg

Mormon Sacred CowsThis podcast, The Sacred Cow Shmorgishborg, is presented by and the letter S.

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In this episode Brian M. and Ezra Taylor discuss a shmorgishborg of sacred cows.

We briefly address the sacred cow articles already published on the Mormon Chronicle, various comments, and additional sacred cows… We hope that this will help give you a better understanding/overview of sacred cows in Mormon culture and the world.

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5 Responses to The Sacred Cow Shmorgishborg

  1. James says:

    Really bad sound here and there guys. lets all chip in a buck to get these guys decent mic’s. Why not have an amazon link available like the ldsliberty guys have? I have used that many times to send a few bucks their way. It’s better than the support methods you currently DONT have going on :).

  2. Katie Moore says:

    Mmmm… I was SO in the mood for a roast. Thanks for the 5″ thick slab of steak, the rosemary herb prime-rib, the oh-so-tender rump roast with baby red potatoes and the monster-size hamburger slathered with all the toppings!!! Thank you for your courage in being willing to finally look at laying some of these old heffers on the altar.

  3. Matthew Thompson says:

    Every stake president, bishop, seminary teacher in the church teach every one of these false doctrines except a very few of them.

  4. sid says:

    I really wanted to listen to this, but after fast forwarding through the poor sound quality to find the clear bits only to find none, I gave up.

    Can you possibly fix it?

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