The Book of Abraham IS Scripture

The Book of AbrahamThis podcast, The Book of Abraham IS Scripture, is presented by and the letter B.

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In this episode, Ezra Taylor and Brian Mecham discuss the Book of Abraham. We believe the Book of Abraham, in the Pearl of Great Price, is scripture, despite claims from anti-mormons and even the downplaying and distancing of the Book of Abraham by some LDS Apologists. In this  episode we address comments made by John Gee, at a FAIR Conference, regarding the authenticity of the Book of Abraham. While Mr. Gee did say he believes “The book of Abraham is true”, some of his comments seemed to downplay the importance of the Book of Abraham. (See: The Book of Abraham: The Larger Issue)


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8 Responses to The Book of Abraham IS Scripture

  1. Bryce says:

    Hey, I’m still waiting for that expose on the lizard people underneath Trolley Square…

  2. Cassandra Greer says:

    I have listened to podcasts on this site and have always been impressed until this one. I know John Gee. If you had done your homework, your opinion of him would be different. JG was Hugh Nibley’s footnote checker up until HN died. JG is the world’s greatest authority on the BoA + the researcher who knows HN best. He has a huge testimony of Jesus Christ and the restored Gospel. Why would he say that the BoA is not a pillar of our religion?

    Key terms found in BoA:
    Faith: 0
    Repentance: 0
    Baptism: 0
    Holy Ghost: 0
    Endure: 0
    Commandments: 0
    Variations of above= 0
    BoA is true scripture but not a pillar. If we did not have it= sad but no effect on Plan of Salvation/running of the Church.
    I would have 0 probs sitting next to you in church tho we would prob talk too much :D

  3. dona hessling says:

    If you doubt anything about the” Book of Abraham” Abraham being sacrificed – something that isn’t even mentioned else where in the Scriptures – then read Sure 21:52 in the Koran. Abram was fantastic!

  4. Bill Johnson says:

    John Gee’s work on the BOA has been completely debunked by his former mentor Professor Robert Ritner.

  5. Aaron says:

    “JG was Hugh Nibley’s footnote checker up until HN died”

    Is that supposed to be a compliment?!?!

    Google “Hugh Nibley’s Footnotes” …

  6. Ed Goble says:

    I’m fascinated by the fact that you guys are actually giving points of view that expose the logical fallacies of the apologists, as that’s probably the only way that apologetics will get better, is to provide pushback. I’m a former member of FAIR, and left for precisely these types of things, and because I feel like my stuff was being ignored. Especially my paper that rebuts the modern cipher and missing papyrus theories. My take is that the Sensen Papyrus is actually the Egyptian Original, and that the Kirtland Egyptian Papers actually represent real translations, and I have evidence for this, but FAIR up till this point has conveniently left it up to me to try to find a different venue that would publish this information, rather than to publish it.

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  8. Coloradan says:

    The whole mormon religion is amazing! That modern people can be so stupid is amazing. WHERE is the archaeological evidence of Jews in America? What about the modern interpretation that Abraham is actually a book of the DEAD?

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