Remembering the Prophet During His Birthday Month

In remembrance of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s birthday month of December, the Mormon Chronicle will be posting a new video here on this page every day until his birthday, December 23rd.

We hope you will share this with others and help come to a greater love, appreciation and understanding of the work of this prophet of God.

In our first video for December 11, (you have to watch on YouTube since it’s been disabled anywhere else) Church leaders teach the importance of Joseph Smith’s mission.  Come back tomorrow for more on the Prophet.

December 12
In our celebration of the Prophet Joseph Smith, we want to share this video which helps us understand, in part, who the prophet is.

December 13 we learn about how the Prophet fits into Biblical prophecy and who he is.  In addition to the video, you can read more about his fulfillment of Biblical prophecy here

December 14 we learn about what the prophet taught about spiritual gifts

December 15 we learn about the personality of the Propeht

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