Podcast: Rod Meldrum Discusses DNA, Archaeology and The Book of Mormon

In this episode, we interview Rod Meldrum of the FIRM Foundation. We discuss the evidence that he has compiled with DNA as well as archaeology that helps substantiate prophecy, the scriptures and the words of the prophet Joseph Smith.  We also discuss some of the reaction of critics to his work.

A special THANK YOU to the Joseph Smith Foundation for the use of their amazing studio to record this episode.

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12 Responses to Podcast: Rod Meldrum Discusses DNA, Archaeology and The Book of Mormon

  1. James says:

    Ok well, here is what i got.
    1. People were leaving the church over ‘proof’ that dna did not support the book of mormon claim that israelites came to the americas and established a civilizations that would leave a remnant.
    2. Meldrum says he started with a witness of the bom being a true record so there must be evidence and he was going to find it so people wouldn’t leave the church over that if he could establish that there enough plausibility in it.
    3. The point is made that we should believe the Lords prophets starting with joseph smith first and foremost over science because science will eventually be forced to admit that the Lord is right and not at conflict on the origin of man or anything else.

    • James says:

      4. Meldrum then started researching until he found and compiled new dna evidence to refute the old science and was now supporting the claims which became the new truth.
      5. Various listings of evidences both scientific and prophetic are given to show a heartland model.
      6. Then science begins to take a superceding role as establishing truth. Believing joseph smith only is advanced while throwing out any other prophets after him as wrong and fallible. It seems here that one challenge to peopes faith, dna, is replaced by creating a new one, that all church leaders acting within stewardships, like temple dedications by the prophet declaring natives north and south and in the pacific islands were lamanites, was not an instance where a prophet was acting as a prophet…..

      • James says:

        7. Further advancement of the worst kind of apologetics, borderline snufferism is then advanced to paint a strawman that members who believe a prophet is accountable and infallible only within the stewardship of leading and giving binding direction and pronouncements to the church, somehow also believes that every word a prophet gives while walking through a super market or sitting down to dinner and speaking off the record is “infallible”. This is just as destructive, if not more so than the original dna issue. Because now members are marginalized and mocked for believing the dc references spoken in the voice of the Lord to hold the prophets counsel as if from the voice of the Lord himself. Thats not the same as the prophets superbowl picks or his preference in pies. So now those who leave the church over the slightest thing can leave over dna and ignore Rods research but those who stay and accept his research are forced to accept with it that only joseph smiths prophetic utterences are reliable and all other after him are discounted as opinion, less informed(because they didnt have rods dna science, which frankly neither did joseph), and mistaken or so deluded that they just followed a false tradition of their fathers. And propagated it in the name of the Lord for generations until Rod could set them straight.

        • James says:

          I liked rods, research. I think it provides much valuable information and helps us see that the heartland is the central point of the bom occurences. But what i dont like is that he is setting up a much larger danger in separating the members from the Lords anointed if the Lords anointed dont comply with rods new science dogma that only north american indians can claim lamanite roots as a remnant. Science is like every wind of doctrine. Its a shaky thing to hang your hat on. I would rather hang my hat on the words of all the prophets and scripture over anything science says. I agree with rod that science will eventually find its way to the Lord but i think rod is not noticing the beam he is creating to save us from our motes.
          Just one guys 2c

          • James says:

            Frankly i am really getting tired of feeling like there is no good guys. Fair is beyond borderline discounting of prophetic utterance and twisting scripture. Then guys like rod tell us how wrong fair is for doing that and does the exact same thing with some different highlights. Holy crap what a mess we are in. Feeling really lonely. Even in the church your mocked for actually believing the gospel. Well…. joseph smith said it best “I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it, neither dared I do it; at least I knew that by so doing I would offend God, and come under condemnation.”- dimitri

    • Hannah says:

      James, You may be interested in another perspective concerning the Heartland Model research which explains how Joseph Smith and the later prophets can be in harmony. http://www.josephsmithforum.org/research/papers/does-the-heartland-model-contradict-statements-made-by-the-leadership-of-the-church/

  2. Rex says:

    I have no problem including Mexican, Central, and South American Indians among Lehi’s posterity (although they could be of different origins too) – they just are not part of the BoM history. They could be the descendants of migrations like Hagoth’s, but unrecorded, or Lamanite migrations after the Nephite record was concluded. Remember, there was a thousand years of BoM history during which these people could have migrated and then another thousand before Columbus. So that’s a long time for Lehi’s posterity to have migrated to different parts of the hemisphere.

  3. Steve Reed says:

    I believe most of the Native American people are actually remnant Jaredites and I think there’s evidence that backs this up:

    Most people think that every single person that descended from the original Jaredite group was killed. Really? Everyone just lived in the same spot for 1600-2000 years here on the American continent and stayed in the same place the whole time and then perished together in one great conflict?

    Check out the information I’ve compiled and let me know what you think.

  4. CE Henderson says:

    On Facebook there a blog that was discussed on this topic, about American Indians and south America about Lehi landed and so forth. I that it eas a open discussion forum, but I was wrong the called me a Melbourne-nite.because the things I herd, and they are my brother and sister in christ!

  5. Chris Putnam says:

    I have had the privilege of meeting Rod Meldrum. I have been a past supporter of the Central American model of the BoM lands, but not today. Here are some of the reasons I like the heartland model for the BoM lands.
    I believe that the hill Cumorah is in New York. I believe that Mormon lead the Lamanites away from the north lands in the hopes that the annihilation of his army would mislead the Lamanites away from finding and killing the Nephites in the north lands.
    I believe that the New Jerusalem or Zion will be built in Missouri. In the BoM Christ says that the New Jerusalem will be built in “this land.” He was speaking to the Nephites.
    Joseph Smith wrote a love letter to Emma from the banks of the Mississippi River saying that he had just passed over the Nephite lands. We know that he had just walked through the Ohio valley.

  6. Locke Cole says:

    I’m not Mormon but i am a diffusionist. If no one looks for evidence no one will find it. How many archaeological expeditions have you been on? I haven’t been on any. I have seen stone walls in the woods where no one ever lived or farmed. I saw them in Texas not even the east coast. Archaeology, history, almost everything in america is made up of small cult like cabals.

    I’ll listen to anyone searching for real history. I don’t care if it’s ancient aliens or neo nazi blue eyed Indian solutreans. African ethnocentrists “they came before columbus” or second incursion “Nephalim mounds”At least the Mormons are less offensive than the Nazi’s unfortunately even the Nazi’s are less offensive than the official story from the Smithsonian “no one before Columbus”

    • Chris Putnam says:

      Well, Mormons believe that the BoM is the word of God, much like the “Christians” believe the Bible is the word of God. We Mormons would like to visit the “holy lands” like the Christians/Jews. So, we are looking for them. I have not been on a “dig”, but I have visited one in Illinois at Cahokia. The archeologists were all excited because they were excavating a copper shop. Cute, because a few years later I revisited Cahokia, and did not see a reference to the copper shop. Cahokia is post BoM, starting about 400 AD and ending about 1500. I guess it means that they never had metal working skills, except silver plating ear spools. That seems a little odd, doesn’t it? Considering all the copper ancient mines in Michigan.

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