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In this episode, during the video portion, The Mormon Chronicle visits a Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, and address some of the statements made by leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regarding Freemasonry. We also read quotes from master Mason Albert Pike, who said that Free Masons worship Lucifer and his doctrines. Is there a sinister element to Free Masonry or is it simply an innocent fraternal order, or brotherhood? We address these issues and more in this episode.

The video is a part of a longer podcast episode in which we interview a Mormon-Mason, Greg Kearney, and ask him to address the quotes and give an explanation of the early Saints involvement in Free Masonry, specifically in during the Nauvoo period. We hope you find it very informative.

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20 Responses to Mormons and Masons

  1. Rex Ward says:

    Very few outsiders know about the intimate plans of Albert Pike and the architects of the New World Order. In the 19th Century Albert Pike established a framework for bringing about the One World Order. Based on a vision revealed to him, Albert Pike wrote a blueprint of events that would play themselves out in the 20th century, with even more of these events yet to come. It is this blueprint which we believe unseen leaders are following today, knowingly or not, to engineer the planned Third and Final World War.

  2. John Coltharp says:

    I don’t think every small masonic lodge explicitly teaches people to worship lucifer. Notice Pike’s letter was only to those of the highest degrees. I don’t think the master masons or other lower individuals have any idea what the highest persons in masonry are actually doing.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Great episode guys! I think you did an excellent job bringing both a pro and con view of Masonry to light. I found Brother Kearney’s explanation of the changes to the temple ordinances to be very interesting as well. Looking forward to your future investigative journalism.

  4. andrew says:

    I believe that the masonic order and ceremonies served its purpose prior to the temple endowment being had by the saints. But after the endowment was given then there wasn’t really any point to being apart of it anymore. Because we now have “celestial masonry” there is no point in being apart of a ceremony that has only apart of the fullness. I think this is why after the church went to utah interest and membership in free masonry went to almost nothing among the latter-day saints.

    I feel like I would rather spend my time in the temple of our lord then in the a masonic temple which will get me no where in eternity.

    • G. Michael Craig says:

      Andrew, I think I understand your position, and it has some merit, yet I take issue with you for the following reasons. First, as mentioned in the podcast, interest in Masonry in Utah diminished in the early years apparently more because of the proscription against LDS being Masons than for any other reason. Second, most people in the world are not LDS, so why would you exclude 99% of the world’s population from enjoying the fraternal benefits of masonry when they already cannot enjoy the benefits of the endowment? Third, and this is most important, if there is any one fact that has been made perfectly clear by prophets of God, ancient and modern, it is that the most active temple attending LDS who has not developed a sufficient understanding of and committment to

      • G. Michael Craig says:

        the principle of charity and its sister principle agency will not fare as well on that “great and terrible day” as will a non-member Mason who has developed such an understanding and committment. You seem to overlook the most critical aspect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, namely that being born again, as was King Lamoni and his Father, is the very key to exaltation, not outward ordinances that tell us nothing about what is in a man’s heart. I have known truly Christ-like Masons, and I have known truly black-hearted LDS who attend the temple. Not only will their temple attendence not be a point in their favor on judgement day, but in fact it will be a huge source of condemnation since they have sinned against the greater light.

      • G. Michael Craig says:

        What information do you have that masonry is apostate. Did you listen to the podcast? Are you aware that the first four presidents of the Church were lifelong Masons, the only exception being that Joseph Smith did not become a Mason like his Father and older brother were until he was 42? Why would 4 successive living prophets and many other general authorities choose to become Masons if masonry was apostate? Are you aware that the current Grand Mason in Salt Lake, Glen Cook, is LDS? Are you aware that the scripture you alluded to, Matthew 7:22-23, refers EXCLUSIVELY to LDS Melchizedek priesthood holders, especially high priests and seventies, according to President John Taylor? Are you aware that the parable of the ten virgins refers to ten active LDS according

        • G. Michael Craig says:

          to President Ezra Taft Benson? Yes, the ordinances are vital, but non-members who developed a sufficient understanding of and comittment to the principles of charity and agency will have an opportunity to receive the benefits of those ordinances through proxy, while LDS who failed to develop such an understanding and comittment are the ones who will hear those awful words spoken by the Savior which are recorded in Matthew 7:23. This fact is made abundantly clear in 1st Cor. 13:3, and many other statements by prophets of God ancient and modern. Attending the temple, sacred and vital though it may be, is still only the letter of the law. Developing a sufficient understanding of and comittment to charity and agency is the spirit of the law. The Savior said “…for the

  5. Ron Sellers says:

    I understand that in the early 1800’s the Masons provided leadership skills useful for general application in everyday business and politcal life. That Joseph Smith was a Mason is general knowledge. And he used a distress sign or a signal for help when leaping from the Carthage jail which was not honored. Was he a 32nd degree Mason? Since accuracy and truth is most important, will someone validate or correct my comments? I do think the Masons have a very changed program from the original. Much like Churches of past have changed in time without authorized and inspired leadership.

  6. Daniel says:

    There are Masons in Utah, and elsewhere, that are also LDS and find nothing that conflicts with their faith or the fraternity. The Grand Master of Utah for 2008 is active LDS.

  7. JackUK says:

    Thank you for putting together this very interesting podcast. I enjoyed listening to it very much indeed. I attend my masonic lodge here in the United Kingdom and have visited many others, I have experienced both the LDS Temple endowment and Masonic ritual and I remain an active and faithful Latter-day Saint. I hope that those who listen to this episode will follow up on Brother Greg Kearney’s advice to check out Johnson’s book the Pilgrim’s Path and also remember that Albert Pike in no way spoke with authority for Freemasonry. Unfortunately the true history and aims of Freemasonry really are much more mundane that those attributed to it in entertaining conspiracy theories.

  8. G. Michael Craig says:

    The Savior said “…for the letter killeth, while the spirit giveth life”. That is exactly what I am trying to tell you.

    • G. Michael Craig says:

      Ezra, in the above exchange, I thought I was replying to Andrew. Yes, I listened to the podcast. I have about decided to become a mason as a result. Also, I meant the year 1842, not age 42.

  9. L. Marie Brown says:

    I address this subject with great anxiety that succumbs my being. I am a lowly woman with a great love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the blessings that living his plan has to offer. I was born into the church 3 generation. I developed a testimonie of my own I believe long before I ever came to this earth. However the choices of my parents and others took me on a very dark journey. I have struggled to be in the light for all of my 52 years to date. Along the way I was given a little here and a little there of this group the Masons. I became in fear of this group from what I had learned. Needless to say I became less active in 2004 and only darkened my journey even more. In 2008 I met a man who was Mason he told me that if a man shakes my hand …..cont.

  10. L. Marie Brown says:

    and I return the handshake (that he showed me) that, that man would protect me and give to me what I may need. I found this to be very unsetteling to my soul since I recognized the handshake, as a sacred one. In the same setting there was a woman whos husband was a Mason and she identifyed herself to us aswell as she went on to say that her husband had a book of the Masons inwhich women were forbidden to read, but that she had. She revealed then that all she could say about what she had read was this: that it was a women. I asked who was a woman? She slipped into what seemed to be some kind of phsycosis, and the man who shooke my hand replyed; shes like that because she read the book. In 2010 I found out that Joseph Smith was a Mason. I was Ok at the time as my ….

  11. L. Marie Brown says:

    journey had begun to see light and I had hometeachers and a very special visiting teacher. February 2011 I returned to church and now it seems as if this subject is haunting my testimonie as if there is some kind of unreasolved issue with-in my self. After listening to the beginning of the podcast my resolve was validated. With further listening i began to remember what I had been taught about the nothingness of man, that there is nothing we can say or do to please God or recieve his grace, and that if there is one thing it would be to Keep the two great commandments with a pure heart. As I examined my own moat and felt at peace with myself. my final resolve is this at this dispinsation of time the enemy is truly in the church and he is hidden and sly and cunning.

  12. sean says:

    I enjoyed the pod cast, and though I think the guest was honest and forthcoming i think the behind the scenes of masonry is devious and all members aren’t privy to all the going ons.

  13. Ed Goble says:

    I think that other people besides Bro Kearney should be brought on to respond to this. And also, someone that agrees essentially with Matthew Brown’s beliefs on the subject should be brought on, to represent his side (such as Tyler Livingston), since Bro Brown unfortunately passed away. Kerry Shirts and Steve Swick are also Masons and could provide another point of view. I have written on the subject and my take is much different than Bro Kearney’s. There are a lot more sides to this that need to be discussed on this subject.

    Ed Goble

  14. Sangeeta says:

    I agree very few people connect Mormons & Masons. Though both are connected and are responsible the great nation USA. How do I know this? I have just finished a book about

    The author Matthew D. Heines has done a great job explaining the work of Mormons, their sacrifices and their conflicts.

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