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This is a collection of rare and hard to find copies of rare and hard to get original documents on “deeper” and/or “controversial” LDS teachings from a faithful perspective. This is a DVD with PDF versions of these publications

The DVD-R contains the following documents and images

Scans of original revelations given to John Taylor. One appeared in foreign editions of the D&C both neither have appeared in US editions.
Scan of original letter from Joseph Fielding Smith on the marriage of Christ
Scan of original ordination certificate of Elijah Able, debunking a common myth that he was ordained by the prophet Joseph Smith
Original editions of books by John Taylor and Parley P. Pratt. Current editions have been heavily edited and changed.
All of the research done by “Ezra Taylor” on the connection between Church leaders and the Bohemian club as well as other exclusive organizations. John Taylor, in a First Presidency Message published in the Deseret News on 13 April 1886 said, “The scenes which we are now witnessing in this territory are the results of a deep-laid and carefully planned conspiracy, which has been in process of formation for years. Its originators knew the elements they had to deal with, and by cunning contrivance they have effected a wonderful combination.” He then goes on to describe those that are a part of the conspiracy and says they are members, non members, religious and irreligious, that they come from every corner of society for the purpose “to destroy ‘Mormonism'”. I have been able to uncover much of that conspiracy and it is directly related to the death of Wilford Woodruff and am able to show how it is working on us as a people to this day. I can also document that there is a similar club (along the veins of the Bohemian, CFR and Bilderberg groups) in Utah where the real movers and shakers make the deals on what really happens in the state. I know you don’t live in Utah, but this isn’t just about Utah politics as I think you can see. What I have been able to uncover through original research (not a mere google search), but information from out of print books, finding rare documents from state and church archives that haven’t seen the light of day in decades, and probably haven’t been read in over a century and conducting interviews that will frankly almost completely re-write Utah and Mormon history. It sounds bold, but it is completely true. I have shared a glimpse of what I have found with a few historians, and they that told me this new information will essentially rewrite our history. This is 100’s of pages of documents, many of which haven’t been seen since being published in the 1800’s. Included are rare glimpses into the journals of Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as minutes of their meetings.
Never before published talks and journal entries from Elder H. Verlan Andersen (author of “Many are Called But Few Are Chosen”, “The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil”, “The Book of Mormon and the Constitution” among others
Never before published original scans of the Seventies Licence Record Plus (again) more that can’t be mentioned here


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