For Our Day: Important New Documentary Supporting The Book of Mormon


for our dayIn this episode we interview James and Hannah Stoddard of The Joseph Smith Foundation.  The Joseph Smith Foundation just released the new documentary, “For Our Day: Covenant on the Land“.  (Get your copy of the DVD here) “For Our Day: Covenant on the Land” explores the prophetic parallels in the Book of Mormon referencing statements from latter-day prophets of God and the Standard Works. For Our Day: Covenant on the Land discusses the covenant on the Promised Land for both ancient and modern inhabitants.

In this episode we interview the Founder of The Joseph Smith Foundation, James Stoddard, as well as the co-writer and director of For Our Day: Covenant on the Land, Hannah Stoddard. We talk about the history of the Joseph Smith Foundation, their projects past, present and future, controversy surrounding some of their efforts and so much more.

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Joseph Smith Academy

Joseph Smith Forum

For Our Day Documentary

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Get your copy of the DVD here

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5 Responses to For Our Day: Important New Documentary Supporting The Book of Mormon

  1. marginalizedmormon says:

    seldom do I watch LDS movies; even more rarely do I like them.

    But this one looks like a keeper–

    I can’t wait to see it!

    Thanks for the heads up. Are James and Jeremiah Stoddard connected?

    I like Jeremiah’s writings–

  2. I own this and have watched it. It is fantastic. The parallels between our day and Book of Mormon Times are incredible.

  3. Margaret Stoddard says:

    The DVD “For Our Day–Exploring the Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon” is extremely timely as it emphasizes how the Book of Mormon applies specifically to each of us who live right now. It is very eye-opening as it illustrates that the Book of Mormon has the answers to the problems we are facing today as individuals and as a nation, and is a must-see as it inspires each of us in our determination to read the Book of Mormon daily and find solutions to those problems.

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  5. Greg Curtis says:

    I found this DVD series to be eye opening, it brings the Book of Mormon’s message to forefront of our Day. Thanks for the time and effort it took to bring light to the importance of the Book of Mormon in these Last Days.

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