Audio Article: Homosexuality and the Gospel: A Scriptural Refutation of Modern Propaganda

This is an audio version of D Rolling Kearney’s “Homosexuality and the Gospel: A Scriptural Refutation of Modern Propaganda” read by the author

Brother Kearney exposes the propaganda behind the changing definition of words, terms sodomand personalities of the homosexual movement.  Brother Kearney makes extensive use of the scriptures as well as modern prophets to help illustrate the truth behind the push to normalize this destructive cultural movement.

You can download the audio article here

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7 Responses to Audio Article: Homosexuality and the Gospel: A Scriptural Refutation of Modern Propaganda

  1. marginalizedmormon says:

    I have no doubt the cultural movement is highly destructive, but it uses and abuses people with SSA–not the other way around.

    There are many people who deny that chemicals can be dangerous, but at least one LDS mother I know who worked heavily with agricultural chemicals during her child-bearing years can ‘testify’ that three out of four sons born during that time who now have SSA can’t be a coincidence. There are studies that have shown that chemical imbalances or aberrations during a certain time in the pregnancy can alter dna enough to cause or at least make more probably the likelihood of SSA.

    The church also does not recognize the existence of MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), but I know people who have died and are dying from it.

    Because the medical

  2. marginalizedmormon says:

    establishment does not accept MCS as a ‘disease’–(chemical companies exert huge pressure on government and on the medical profession, well, on everything, and what they say goes)–

    the church ‘proper’ also does not. People with MCS must be ignored–

    though there are kind people who don’t follow that line.

    The time will come when the truth will be known. Sadly, there are those with political ulterior motives who want others to believe that SSA is ‘normal’–

    even if it is real, it is not ‘normal’–I’m not sure there is ‘treatment’ for it, but at least environmental chemicals can be shown to be the culprits they are.

    But, no, that won’t happen, not as long as the chemical companies reign supreme (a number of wealthy LDS own them, btw)–
    Nobody ‘wants’ MCS, but

  3. marginalizedmormon says:

    it would be nice to have it recognized as something from which people do suffer. As long as it is not, it is easy to treat those with MCS as invisible people–

    they don’t exist–

    the truth will come out someday, about all of this, but the bad guys are as easily found in chemical companies as they are in political movements–

  4. marginalizedmormon says:

    It seems to me to be another way of blaming a victim–

    those ‘big guys’ who want to destroy the world, life, etc.–

    nobody is going to touch them except Jesus. So the anger ends up being directed at those who suffer–

    • tarbaby says:

      Marginalized Mormon,
      My heart goes out to those who struggle with SSA despite the cause. I agree there are things we don’t understand and that SSA isn’t always a choice.
      I also know that sexual attraction isn’t a choice for heterosexuals either, and yet the doctrine of the church teaches that regardless, we are to control our passions within the bounds set by the Lord.
      There are many single heterosexual men and women that are living celibate lives with just as many temptations. It isn’t easy for them.
      The reasons why we desire to give in to sin isn’t the issue. The question is that no matter our temptation, will we abide by the commandments?

      • tarbaby says:

        If the church were to excuse any sin because we were ‘born that way’, they would have to excuse all sin. The natural man is an enemy to God. The flesh is the perfect test to create constant resistance for the spirit to grow. We were all born with the desires of the flesh. The specific temptations are the point. Making them the point, is the tactic Satan is using to muddy the waters so we can’t see clearly that this is simply a test of obedience. It’s simple, but not easy!
        God bless you in your struggles with your loved ones.

  5. claude smith says:

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