Ancient Planetary History, Cutting Edge Science and the Restored Gospel: March 2013 Mormon Chronicle Semi Regular Event Presentation by Anthony Larson

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Part Two of our March 2013 Mormon Chronicle Semi Regular Event was presented by Anthony Larson.

His presentation at the March 15 meeting in Highland, UT, covered the three pillars of his thesis: Ancient Planetary History, Cutting Edge Science and the Restored Gospel. Within these, he briefly explored the concepts of Plasma Physics, the Electric Universe, Cosmology, Mythology, cultural tradition and sacred records as they relate to the teaching of Joseph Smith, modern revelation, the prophets’ language, temple symbolism and temple ritual. For more information, go to his website:

About Anthony Larson:

Writing is what Anthony does for a living as well as for fun. A freelance journalist for more than a decade, published in numerous newspapers, magazines and websites, he has also been a successful author, video producer and writer, as well as an award-winning composer during his rich and varied career. He wrote and produced music for radio and television, with jingles for Deseret Bank, Provo City, Jones Paint & Glass and many other well known local and regional businesses to his credit. Further he conceived, wrote and produced infomercials, training and promotional videos. There is hardly any aspect of the communications media – print or electronic – in which he doesn’t have considerable experience, including advertising.

For two decades, Anthony retreated from big city life, choosing to live in the wide-open spaces, under the big sky of Northeastern California, on a 40-acre ranch with a home he built with considerable help from his eight children before they all grew up, moved away and started their own families. Now he and his wife, Carla, are back in Salt Lake, enjoying life.

Anthony is also an author with five books to his credit, all written to an LDS audience. Most recently, he created an online, college-level course on the same subjects as his books: ancient history, mythology, plasma physics and cosmology. The lessons include prerecorded lecture, slideshow and supporting video. He continues to work as a professional journalist, author, video and audio producer in his spare time.


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3 Responses to Ancient Planetary History, Cutting Edge Science and the Restored Gospel: March 2013 Mormon Chronicle Semi Regular Event Presentation by Anthony Larson

  1. marginalizedmormon says:

    a family member of mine has almost finished all of his books; he’s on #3–

    and is very impressed with them. He sounds like a credible person, but who on earth would choose to live in SLC!?


  2. JRSG says:

    Anthony Larson is a fantastic writer. He is very knowledgeable on many, many subjects. He explains things very well and in detail so that is makes sense. I am working on reading his books. His work on the cosmos is fascinating. Every LDS member should read what Anthony Larson has to say.

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