Secret Combinations for Dummies

I was recently asked to speak at a dinner meeting for Mormon Chronicle. At about the same time, I was asked by a reader what was the basis for my belief in secret combinations and their role in world affairs today. This friend was looking for specific documented proof of organized, Satanic conspiracies, which I was unable to provide (after all, they are “secret”). However, it did give me the opportunity to ask myself, “Why DO I believe that there are secret combinations, Gadianton Robbers of our day, that are influencing, if not controlling, the financial, political, military and even religious affairs of the world today.” So, I developed a list of 12 points that I shared with my friend. In doing so, I realized that they would be the basis of my talk, which follows:

I’m not sure why I’ve been asked to speak with you today. I’m by no means a scholar, which means that I’m not very knowledgeable of the ways that secret combinations are manifesting themselves today. I’m not a constitutional scholar, or a historian, although I have certainly read the constitution and I have a BA in History from the University of Oklahoma. I’m not a political activist, although I do regularly post articles on my own blog and on Mormon Chronicle. I’m not a rebel; I still pay taxes, I live in the city, I have a mortgage (but no other debt) and I work for a multi-billion dollar corporation. I suspect that I’ve been asked to speak as a means of encouraging anybody who has ears to hear – that if I can do it, so can you – that you don’t have to be a scholar or an activist to begin understanding and sharing the truth of what is happening in this country and in the world during these last days.

My journey, my “awakening”, actually began courtesy of Greg Lunt. It was probably 8 or 9 years ago that he sat on my couch and tried to convince me that if I paid taxes to the government, I was a slave. Whether or not that was what he said, that was what I heard, and I pretty much dismissed him, courteously and lovingly, as a kook. But he hung around, remained my friend, and one day loaned me the book, “The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil” by H. Verlan Andersen. This book quickly took its place on the list of the top 5 books that changed my life. I later read Jack Monnet’s book “Awakening to Your Awful Situation” and it reinforced the points made in Elder Andersen’s book. I’ve read many books since, but by far the most influential of them has been the Book of Mormon. As a result of my reading (I wouldn’t even call them studies) and my increasing understanding of the principles, no – the mysteries – of the kingdom of God, I have come to understand that there are things that I know to be true concerning secret combinations. Many would consider them circumstantial, but with enough circumstantial evidence one can certainly convict. My list of things that I know:

1) Agency is sacred, and since God refuses to compromise agency, no man has the right to compromise either his own agency or that of someone else.

2) The war in heaven was waged over agency and it continues today.

3) Secret combinations exist! They are active in the world today – that was made very clear in Ether chapter 8.

Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you; or wo be unto it, because of the blood of them who have been slain; for they cry from the dust for vengeance upon it, and also upon those who built it up. (Ether 8:24)

Therefore, the conspiracy exists, and we have been warned to not let them get control of us. The challenge for us is to understand and recognize how these conspiracies are being manifested. That is, I believe, the core of this discussion.

4) There are many tools in Satan’s arsenal in his war against agency, perhaps the greatest of which is to induce us to surrender our agency in the interest of security – social, political, and financial.

5) When someone controls the tools by which we are able to acquire the essentials of survival, they potentially, if not in fact, control our ability to exercise our agency – as we must answer to their desires if we are to continue to survive temporally.

6) In this country and in the world, we have gradually been lured into a money-based economy where we have accepted fiat money and credit as the primary means of acquiring the essentials of survival.

7) In this country, we have gradually submitted ourselves to more and more intrusive laws – with the PATRIOT act and NDAA as the most recent high profile examples of laws that POTENTIALLY can be used to justify violation of the basic rights that were defined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, including our precious Bill of Rights.

8) This POTENTIAL usurpation of our agency and individual rights remains unrealized based solely upon the restraint of those who administer these laws. It is clear to me that the mechanisms are in place – some rumored, some verified – that a less benevolent government now has the legal right to imprison or kill citizens without being subject to the rights previously guaranteed by the constitution. In other words, such acts as the Patriot Act and NDAA usurp the basic rights referred to in item 7. The rule of law (the Constitution) is now subject only to the restraint of the administrators – who now have the rule of law (NDAA, etc) that gives them authority to usurp the rule of law (the constitution). I think this is properly called a conundrum.

9) Since the door is open, and we are subject to individual interpretation, judgment and benevolence, etc. – Satan is in a prime position to further his war against agency. The rule of law is no longer a stop-gap against his conspiracy.

10) Since Satan’s tools are many, where does the attack come from? This is, in my mind, the source of any uncertainty and confusion. It is easy for us to dismiss any of them as unrealistic, but if we apply that logic to all of the potential tools, then we are failing to honor the vehement warnings of Ether 8. Yet, if we assume that all the manifestations of his conspiracy are real- dismissing none of them – we are accused of being irrational conspiracy theorists. I personally would rather err on this side than to risk setting aside the Lord’s warnings. I guess that leaves us to following the spirit in combination with research.. I personally lag far behind on the research, but the spirit tells me that not everything is to be dismissed as the product of an unstable, paranoid mind.

11) Re: item 6 above……..I have logically deduced that in order to detect the real conspiracies, we need to follow the money. Fractional reserve banking, Keynesian economics, the Federal Reserve System and other national banks, national income taxes (the IRS) all seem to be insidiously working to enslave us to the monetary/credit system by controlling the means of acquiring the essentials of survival. There are others that seem to me to be emerging tools:

- The New World Order (what’s wrong with that?). Order is based on law. Laws are based on values. An order (government) based on world laws must be based on world values. And whose values will that be? Certainly there is little chance of satisfactorily blending my values with those of the Muslim world. I cannot accept the NWO, because I do not want to live under a system of laws based on values that have, of necessity, been watered down in the interest of accommodating the whole world. That may be considered selfish, but that is what I think.
– Agenda 21: proposed as an initiative to combat climate change and reduce humanity’s footprint, it ends up telling me what I can and can’t grow, what I can and can’t eat, what I can and can’t drive. I don’t think so!

12) Bottom line – I am committed to resisting Satan in this war for agency – on a personal level (D&C 121:34–47) and on a world level (Ether 8). In order to do so, I must learn to recognize the tools of this war.

In summary, if we are to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, we must make ourselves aware of how Satan’s armies are continuing to wage their war on agency. This is made clear in the scriptures, and we must honor this commandment just as we do all others. I conclude with the following scriptures, which need no further explanation:

He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things (D&C 93:28)

For the word of the lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light, and whatsoever is light is spirit, even the Spirit of Jesus Christ (D&C 84:45)

The Glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth. Light and truth forsake the evil one (D&C 93:36, 37)

And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

About Scott Stover

I have a personal blog at I am an adult convert to the LDS Church and I spent the first 25+ years of my adult life wandering pretty much aimlessly through a world of instant gratification. Somehow, though, because I was raised by goodly parents, I always knew there was more out there. When I met my precious wife, Diana, and through her the Restored Gospel, the time was right, I was right, and I knew I had found the path I needed to follow. I'm constantly and eternally grateful the Lord for His patience and forgiveness, to my wife for loving me and for allowing me to love her, and to my parents for doing their best to teach the difference between right and wrong. Peace is a precious thing, and through the teachings of our Lord and Savior, I have it.
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21 Responses to Secret Combinations for Dummies

  1. Forrest says:

    Excellent, Scott. The modern incarnations of the Gadianton Robbers are difficult to recognize because they are secret. Digging away the layers of lies, half truths and sham humility is the least of the problems we face. Apathy is a much bigger mountain to move. The trouble with American citizens is apathy, but who cares! More sadly still—apathy applies to church members, also.

    • Scott Stover says:

      That’s so true, Forrest. Unfortunately I suffer from apathy myself. In the unscripted version of the talk last night, I made the point that I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, during the golden age of America. We had saved the world twice in the world wars, we were the bulwark against the red menace. We were the beacon unto the world of the success of a “democratic” government. America did no wrong, we were the product of manifest destiny. It’s difficult for us “baby boomers” to come to grips with the fact that it was all a sham, and that intertwined in our history is the influence of satan, manifested through these secret combinations, and corrupting the promised land.

  2. Trevor says:

    If there should be agency to live a Christ-like life, then we must also defend people’s agency to live unChrist-like lives. Any sort of laws meant to restrict the rights, privileges, and freedoms of a few because they are on the fringes and out of the mainstream society should be fought against. Agency is a guaranteed right to everyone, not just Mormons, not just Christians, not just mainstream society.

    I still cannot understand how defending agency for everyone is not part of the mission of the Church. Why does the Church try to limit the agency of people who believe differently than we do? I am specifically referencing gay marriage, but it could apply to many other issues of the day as well.

    • Scott Stover says:

      Of course you’re right, Trevor. I was going to ask you in what ways the Church denies agency to others, but then you mentioned gay marriage. I firmly believe that the government should not be involved in marriage at all. Strip away all the “priveleges” and make it a religious convention, not a legal one. It’s only since the 20th century that this has even been an issue. I’ve expressed these opinions here. In the case of gay marriage, I think the church is reacting to a situation that is, as I’ve said, already corrupted. Given that the government is already defining marriage, it will be a problem if marriage is re-defined – it is only another step before marriages can no longer be performed in the temple, because we are violating someone’s agency. Do you object to people not being allowed into the temple? (not being rhetorical – actually asking the question). The answer to this, if it should happen, is that temple marriages become sealings only – and legal marriages can no longer be performed in the temple, and maybe not by bishops. This is already the situation in European countries.

      • Trevor says:

        I do not object to people being denied entrance into the temple. The temple is private property and the Church can decree who may or may not enter it. I relate a temple recommend from the Church to a country club membership. The temple recommend allows people who are deemed worthy to enter the temple. The country club membership allows their members to enter the club. In both instances, the individuals have to meet the necessary requirements to gain entrance.

        And what is wrong with having marriages in the temple handled the way it is done in Europe? Why do the marriage and sealing ceremonies need to be combined into one?

        • Scott Stover says:

          I actually like the idea, Trevor. I like the idea of having the sealing divorced (no pun intended) from the government’s licensing authority (who ever gave that to them, by the way?) I don’t know why the church chose to intervene in gay marriage. Any ideas yourself?

          • Trevor says:

            I have wrestled with the question of why. I can’t come up with any good explanation.

            The Church is generally mute on political issues. They only seemed vocal in support of Prop 8 in CA. I haven’t heard them be vocal in other ballot initiatives were the vote was left up to the citizens to choose for themselves, whether it was about gay marriage or anything else.

            The only thing that seems different in the Prop 8 and the other situations is that Prop 8 was to overturn a court ruling. Maybe it was the Church wanting to support the voice of the people over the voice of a court interpreting the intent of the law.

      • Trevor says:

        My other big issue with the Church’s stance against gay marriage was their support of Proposition 8. I’m not against the Church being opposed to gay marriage and labeling it a sin. I don’t agree with gay marriage either. However, when they only single out one state, I wonder about their consistency. It seems they singled out only California. They haven’t done much in other states when there have been ballot issues to recognize gay marriage. Why the inconsistency?

        • Scott Stover says:

          I don’t know, Trevor. I don’t understand either. However, the spirit repeatedly tells me, every time I question, that the Lord had a reason, or – if He didn’t – the Brethren now know that they made a mistake. I have a FIRM testimony that, even though the church is being run by men – and they ARE men – the Lord is still in charge. I’m not opposed to questioning in order to seek understanding, but I personally will not delve into criticism of them. That’s my personal “do not cross this line” point.

          • Scott Stover says:

            That’s certainly a possibility, but it doesn’t seem right to me. It doesn’t “ring” true.

          • Trevor says:

            Like I said. I can’t come up with a good reason.

          • Amy says:

            If gay marriage becomes legal, then it will be taught in schools. In California, a bill was already passed to remove any mention of traditional families in textbooks (they have a domestic partnership law already). In Massachusetts, kindergarteners are being read stories about the King and the King. The indoctrination has begun. In Canada (where same-sex marriage is legal), a judge just ruled that parents have no right to know what LGBT activists are teaching their children. Catholics are not allowed to teach their catechism in their OWN religious schools. I believe prop 8 was NOT about denying rights (under the domestic partnership laws, they HAD the same rights). It was really about forcing same-sex ideas into the mainstream & religious arenas….

          • Scott Stover says:

            Thank you very much for that perspective, Amy. My children are long since grown, but if I were raising children today, I sure hope I would have the courage and commitment to do whatever it takes to home school my children.

          • Amy says:

            I believe that is part of why the church got involved. They also knew it would eventually go to the supreme court where a final decision would be made so putting money towards other states would not have mattered so much in the end…. Just my 2 cents.

          • sean says:

            The Church is worried, that if Gay Marriage becomes Lawfully, teaching against it will be considered hate speech, henceforth losing their tax Exemptions.

  3. accountablemormon says:

    Scott, would you consider posting this on CC (Connor Boyack); or maybe I could–

    I’m OTC over there–

  4. Scott Stover says:

    Sure, if Connor wants it on there. What do I need to do? What do you mean – “I’m OTC over there”?

    • accountablemormon says:

      ‘outside the corridor’

      There seem to be many people on there who don’t accept that there are secret combinations. I have no connection to Connor (other than that his blog was the first blog I found when I was googling “Mormons for Ron Paul”–the only one about 5 years ago)–

      but I seem to keep getting into discussions with people who don’t accept the existence of secret combinations–

      I know you’ve been on there–

      So I was going to link this–

      but I wonder if I am wasting my time on there–

      I don’t think many really listen–

      And that’s all right; I’m pretty stuck in my opinions, too, but I used to be like ‘them'; I used to believe that things were what they appeared to be–

      well, 35 years ago–LOL!

      We’re old ‘seekers’–

      • Scott Stover says:

        Well, OTC, now I know you! Please do link it. I posted on the Libertas website – thinking perhaps that was what you meant. I guess I’m not familiar with what website you are referring to.

  5. Robin Hood says:

    The article made a point that the war in heaven was waged over agency. I don’t think that is entirely correct. It certainly seems that way, but I believe the war was waged by Lucifer because he led a revolution aimed at deposing God and placing himself on the throne. The agency issue was not the main reason (let’s face it, who would have voted to be bossed around without choice!), but he used it to instill fear in us regarding mortality and in God’s ability to save us. In the end it came down to a straight choice – “who will do the best job of saving us?” The vote went against him but he is still trying to prove his point.

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