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rememberHave Ye Retained in Remembrance…?

In all of writing, seldom are a parent’s words to a child counted as foolishness. Alma’s (the younger) final words to his son Helaman were no different. Says he, to …

trojan-horseEXCLUSIVE: Elder H. Verlan Andersen on Apostasy of the Church Members

This is exclusive content from the personal files of Elder H. Verlan Andersen of the Seventy In my opinion the Book of Mormon provides a historical warning to those nations …

Adam Eve alterBelief in Evolution = No Belief in Jesus Christ

President Joseph Fielding Smith has stated that one cannot have true faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the same time hold to the assumptions of Darwinian evolution. …

sodom Homosexuality and the Gospel: A Scriptural Refutation of Modern Propaganda

light for dark Light For Darkness

symbols-lds-mormon Exploring Symbols Within a Latter-day Saint Context

Apologists anti mormons FAIR Attempts to Change the Word of the Lord

fist fight at church Mormon Chronicle News Roundup 16 Oct 2013

Trojan Horse Irreverent Humor and “Good Message” Trojan Horses

Gun Control Gun Control and the American Psyche

war image 1 …and I Will Buy up Armies and Navies

abinadi A Modern Abinadi

nuke Can God Protect us From Nukes?: Logical Fallacies

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