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Barnacles2Blogs to Barnacles

In the late 1990s as web publishing tools open the door for non-technical users to post content, information, and participate in discussion threads, the interactive world of blogging was born.  …

jesus_sheepIsrael, Israel, God Is Calling‏

A homosexual friend of my wife recently read my article on homosexuality and commented that it was a good article but did not present anything new to the discussion. I …

religion-cartoonPaying the Price: No More Room For Cafeteria Mormonism

Many Latter-day Saints believe that they can just coast into Heaven by going to church on Sundays and reading their scriptures once in a while, perhaps reading a lesson they …

Bohemian-Club-Motto Changing History: Exposing the Enemies of the Gospel

repent Guilty As Charged

Jacob,_Laban_and_dtrs_1343 To Date or Not to Date? That is The Question

Joseph Smith Gun Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, Inspiration in Directing the “Sovereignty” of We the People

Captain Moroni - Title of Liberty Politics: A Litmus Test for Book of Mormon Believers

dino Did Dinosaurs Die Before the Fall of Adam?

jm_300_BOM2.p-P2.tiff Do Church Leaders Contradict on Book of Mormon Location?

gentile destruction The Book Of Mormon Warns The Latter-day Gentiles: It’s Not Too Late

MC Mormon Chronicle Updates

remember Have Ye Retained in Remembrance…?

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